Mauricio Guerrero Jr.



Hi! Nice to Meet You!

My name is Mauricio Guerrero Jr. 

I'm a producer and guitarist from Los Angeles, born and raised, and have been around music since the day I was born. You could say that music runs through my veins. I am proficient on acoustic guitar and electric guitar, Logic and ProTools, and I have been teaching, producing, performing, and arranging professionally since 2010, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Beats to Batons

From the smallest of groups to the largest of ensembles, I've had experience writing and producing for them all. Whether it is by myself producing "in the box" or writing for a 100 piece orchestra, it's always a good time. My musical styles range from, Hip-Hop to Cinematic, Rock 'n' Roll to Jazz, Latin to Americana, and many many more!

Collaboration is Everything

No one can do it alone! Everyone needs teammates, and I would love to be one of yours. To me the best works come from collaboration, as evidenced by Lennon/McCartney, Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson, Buckingham/Nicks, and so many others. Collaboration brings out the best in everybody, so let's work together!

Tracks on Tracks

Check out some tracks I've produced/composed/played on!


Ezra Lewis: Human Nature


Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to write, collaborate, take a lesson, or play together? 

Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

Mauricio Guerrero Jr.

(818) 439-4130

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